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Discover our unique approach to unlocking creativity and building a sustainable culture of innovation.

Pioneering Progress through Human Creativity

Every day, we meet leaders who are exhausted by battling near-constant disruptions, while fighting to deliver impact and results. Platypus Labs transcends traditional consulting by leveraging a proven innovation framework to unlock human creativity to tackle challenges and seize new opportunities. We create sustainable, high-performing cultures of innovation.

Activate Innovation, Cultivate Success

With nearly two decades of experience across 500+ organizations, we've developed a proven system that unlocks every team member's creative potential to drive measurable results.


Powerful, high-impact innovation workshops, bootcamps and immersive accelerators designed to fuel inventive thinking and unleash creative problem-solving throughout your organization.


Proven innovation systems and frameworks to discover new possibilities, gain competitive advantage, and thrive in times of volatility and disruption. We provide a comprehensive roadmap for innovation success.


Powerful, actionable keynotes that spark a mindset and movement to make innovation an everyday business. Energize, inspire and activate the Innovator's Mindset company-wide.

Jef Frank

SVP, Innovation, Resideo

"Platypus Labs showed us how to make innovation approachable and practical.

Building a culture of innovation is not a one-size-fits all pursuit. We've been working with Platypus Labs for nearly five years; the frameworks they provided us at the beginning of our journey are still being used and driving innovation today."

David Mucha

Head of Strategy, Compeer Financial

". . . the most important resource any business has is the creative thinking of it's people.

Josh Linkner lays out a roadmap that guides individuals, teams, and companies to higher levels of creativity. It is a journey that leads to better ideas and breakthrough thinking.”

Bill Ford Jr.

Executive Chairman


Ford Motor Company

"Our team members leave every live session wanting more . . .

through our partnership with Platypus labs, our team members have acquired valuable new skills around innovating and ideating, and have been able to foster an environment that is ripe for change! Kaiser makes the concept of positive, high-impact change so approachable to our teams."

Monica Chiongbian



Moss Adams

"No business can afford to pause for a moment from the headlong drive to meet new challenges to the status quo.

The speed of invention is threatening traditional products and services, already relegating some to history. Josh Linkner reminds us that to reinvent the workplace, we have to be reinventing ourselves as leaders continually.”

Deborah Hopkins

Chief Innovation Officer



"Building a culture of innovation is critically important.

There’s no better way to learn than with a trusted roadmap of tools and real-life examples. Platypus Labs illustrates how innovative thinking is possible for every employee and business leader, so we can all unlock our full creative potential.”

Mike Kaufmann



Cardinal Health

"...brought creative problem-solving mindsets and techniques to life.

Kaiser provided practical tools that the team was able to apply immediately after the session. The exercises were fun and engaging and allowed team members to stretch their creative "muscles." Kaiser brought fascinating examples, subject matter expertise, and compelling storytelling capabilities."

Ana Eberhard

Vice President, Member Experience



"...showed us how to make innovation approachable and practical.

Building a culture of innovation is not a one-size-fits-all pursuit. We've been working with Kaiser for nearly five years; the frameworks he provided us at the beginning of our journey are still being used and driving innovation today."

David Mucha

Head of Strategy


Compeer Financial

"Partnering with Platypus Labs has been extremely transformative . . .  

They masterfully demystified the mindsets and techniques behind world-class innovation, invigorated our culture of innovation, and empowered us with a systematic framework to explore new frontiers in industry. They are more than just expert consultants, they are strategic partners."

Jef Frank

SVP, Innovation



Innovation with a Purpose

Too often, we see a persistent problem that stalls organizational growth and performance: while innovation remains a priority in the boardroom, it rarely translates into movement on the front line.

At Platypus Labs, our approach is unique – we blend cutting-edge techniques with practical applications to deliver tangible results. We create a deliberate plan to cultivate company-wide innovation that predictably drives growth, fuels team member engagement, and elevates enterprise value.

"To win the future, innovation must be an everyday business."

- Josh Linkner

(Chairman and Co-Founder, Platypus Labs)

Meet the
Minds Behind

Kaiser and Josh, our co-founders, combine decades of experience with a passion for unlocking transformative creativity.

Their visionary leadership and expertise drive the core of Platypus Labs, inspiring teams and organizations to reach new heights of innovation.