Make Innovation an Everyday Business

Keynotes, workshops, and consulting that spark innovation and inspire action across your entire organization. Transform your organization at every level, in every role.

Training and Workshops that Accelerate Innovation

Platypus Labs conducts powerful, high-impact innovation training workshops, ranging from half-day sessions to multi-day, immersive experiences. Our energizing, hands-on, interactive sessions are designed to build muscle memory around innovative thinking, while tackling real business challenges using proven methodologies and frameworks.

Participants leave with new perspectives and fresh approaches to drive breakthrough thinking and business transformation.

“Amazing, energizing, entertaining, humorous, and actionable learnings, things we can do right away. It's a journey that leads to better ideas and breakthrough thinking.”

Sajeena Warrier

Managing Director, Intel

Customized training and workshops designed to fuel creativity and spark breakthrough thinking

Each session is crafted to unlock new perspectives and equip participants with the tools needed for transformative thinking and creative problem-solving.

What if you could:

  • Identify and overcome barriers to innovative thinking?
  • Strengthen critical mindsets and skills to dramatically improve performance?
  • Learn powerful tools and techniques to unleash creativity?
  • Tackle significant real-world challenges in new and creative ways?
  • Expand creative confidence across your entire workforce?
  • Build and strengthen a sustainable culture of innovation?

Strategies for Creative Problem-Solving

Every problem can be solved; every opportunity can be seized. Through a proven framework of ingenuity, you’ll develop the critical skills needed to navigate turbulent times.

Get unstuck and become better equipped to solve even the most difficult challenges.

Rethink. Reboot. Reinvent.

The business you’ll be running in five years will be dramatically different than today. Unlock the definitive playbook on reinvention, relevancy, and sustainable success.

Gain the confidence to venture into the unknown and thrive, no matter what the future brings.

“Platypus Labs provided us with a Swiss Army Knife of highly effective techniques we can easily apply. I'm a believer!”

Nancy Nam

Marketing Operations, Ricoh

Expert Consulting that Drives Transformative Growth

All organizations seek growth and sustainable success.  However, delivering on these goals requires a growth-enabled organization with the right balance of innovation leadership, rituals, and systems and processes to create new and untapped value in the market.

Platypus Labs uses proven frameworks and battle-tested methodologies to help organizations unlock innovation. Our team identifies performance gaps through a comprehensive diagnostics program and then pinpoints what is needed to catalyze the organization to deliver measurable results.

We provide bespoke strategies that embed innovation deeply into your organization's DNA. Engage with us to transform your approach and culture, ensuring your business adapts to change and thrives on it.

Inspire and Energize Through Keynotes

Powerful and thought-provoking keynote presentations that provide insightful and practical strategies to elevate and accelerate the rate of innovation within your organization.

Elevate your events with our keynote speaking engagements. Our co-founders share groundbreaking insights and actionable strategies for fostering innovation, drawing from a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and creative leadership.

Let us captivate and motivate your audience, sparking a transformative mindset shift towards embracing innovation and driving success.

“When Josh speaks, business improves.”

Earvin "Magic" Johnson

Magic Johnson Enterprises

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