How Swapping Two Words Can Elevate Your Success

In an increasingly competitive environment, achieving success might seem daunting. If you're aiming for a promotion, securing funding, clinching a new client, or developing an innovative product, stepping beyond conventional thinking is essential.

Those who achieve great things aren't always the smartest or the most well-connected. The key traits of those who attain remarkable outcomes often have little to do with prestigious educational backgrounds or their network and connections. Examining the habits of high achievers reveals that they often adhere to two fundamental beliefs, embodied by modifying just a couple of everyday terms:

  1. Can’t –> Yet. Carol Dweck, a renowned author and expert on the growth mindset, illustrates the transformative power of "yet." Individuals with a fixed mindset believe talents are innate and unchangeable, leading them to give up if they don't succeed initially. On the other hand, those with a growth mindset view persistence, resilience, and determination as vital. Instead of concluding, "I can’t write" (suggesting they'll never excel at writing), a growth-oriented person would assert, "I'm not a good writer yet." This simple shift from "can't" to "yet" can transform an apparent dead end into an avenue for growth and overcoming challenges. What goals do you think are out of reach? How could integrating "yet" help unlock your potential?
  2. Have to –> Get to. A close friend of my wife’s tragically learned that her young son is suffering from brain cancer. Before the health crisis, daily responsibilities such as going to work, running to the grocery store, or changing a diaper may have felt like a “have to” chore. After her son kicks cancer, she’ll undoubtedly relish each task with a new sense of gratitude and appreciation. She’ll be grateful that she’ll “get to” pay the bills or do her taxes, realizing that the freedoms we have to do our daily work is a privilege and a gift. Gratitude begets success, so when we flip “have to” to an appreciative “get to,” we end up attracting more prosperity and joy into our lives. Think about your own “have to’s” this week and try swapping your words. When you “get to” do stuff, you do it better and enjoy the process.

These straightforward tweaks can significantly impact your attitudes toward success and happiness. Experiment with this new vocabulary and discover enhanced levels of well-being and achievement.

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